Fredo Bang Says He Gave Jada Kingdom $6K To Help Stop Deportation

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Fredo Bang says that he did not pay Jada Kingdom for sex but instead loaned her money to assist her as she was facing deportation.

Jada Kingdom moved to the United States during the pandemic after signing a record deal with Republic Records in 2021. Under that deal, Jada did not release an album and left the label in 2023. Last year, Asian Doll and Jada Kingdom shocked people when they had a spat online and seemingly claimed that Fredo Bang had paid the latter for sex. Asian Doll claimed that the “Trust Issues” rapper had paid her tens of thousands. According to Asian Doll, it was $10,000.

“You told me you f**k Fredo Bang for thousands of dollars; you always told me ‘I f**k Fredo Bang, and he gave me $10,000 cause I’m finna get deported. You said this crazy a$$ sh*t to me…why would I get on the internet and lie,” Asian Doll said on Instagram Live.

However, Jada Kingdom did not deny the claim and instead said that it was $35,000 that the Banton Rouge rapper gave her. However, Fredo Bang previously denied that he paid for sex. In a new interview on the ‘Hoefessions” podcast, Fredo Bang said he loaned Jada Kingdom money to assist her in a jam dealing with immigration woes.

“Absolutely not. What you are talking about,” he said, laughing when the host asked him about the claims.

“I have never paid for no yams]… It’s annoying, and that’s my biggest problem. She ain’t clear it up. I loaned her some money one time,” he said. When the host asked whether Jada had repaid it, he said, “No.”

Fredo Bang also denied that he and Jada were sexually involved, instead saying that they were close before he went to jail, and at the time he lent her the money, he was in prison.

“No, I was in jail when I did it. We was real tight, I wasn’t dating nobody but we was real tight. We was real cool, she needed it for something dealing with deportation…And it wasn’t nowhere close to $30,000. It was $6500. I don’t know where the confusion came in, and I was really upset she didn’t clear it up,” the rapper said.

Jada Kingdom has never addressed the rumors she was selling sex despite Asian Doll and Stefflon Doll tried to use it to embarrass her during their beef in January.