Diddy’s Baby Mother Misa Hylton Says Cassie Video Triggered Her

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Misa Hylton, one of the women who share a child with Diddy, is calling him out over the disturbing video of him hitting Cassie in a California hotel in 2016.

Hylton is the mother of Justin Combs, Diddy’s second biological son. In a post on Tuesday, she seemingly called out Diddy, hinting that she might have also been a victim of abuse and that he needed help.

“I am heartbroken that Cassie must relive the horror of her abuse, and my heart goes out to her. I know exactly how she feels, and through my empathy, it has triggered my own trauma,” Hylton wrote in a lengthy post on Instagram with a photo of Diddy’s sons Justin and King Combs and Al B Sure’s son adopted by Diddy- Quincy Brown.

“These young people were raised by women that want the best for them – we put God and education first and have always been united in our mutual effort to support their dreams. Two of the youngest do not have their mother here, and it has been our duty to support them,” she said, referencing Kim Porter’s twin daughters.

“Their father needs help and I am praying that he truly does the personal work and receives it,” the post continued.

Hylton’s post is not the first time she has called out Diddy. Last June, the woman expressed displeasure at her son being charged for driving under the influence. Many have suggested that Diddy allegedly made his son take the rap for the charge, and Hylton’s anger seemingly confirmed it.

“I’m not protecting no one anymore just my son,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. She continued, “the statement “a fish rots from the head down” means that, in addition to being a major contributing factor in a family or organization’s success, leadership is also the root cause of its failure and demise. The truth shall set you free.”

Diddy’s embarrassment and shame continue almost a week since a video was released by CNN showing the moment Diddy, wrapped in a towel and barefoot, ran out of a hotel room and attached Cassie. He later apologized, describing himself as being in a “dark time” during the incident.

In the meantime, Roger Bonds, Diddy’s ex-employee, has shared alleged texts from other ex-employees who claim that Diddy assaulted them during their employment.

Bonds shared the texts on Monday after claiming that he saw Diddy hit Cassie, Kim Porter, and others.

“It doesn’t matter if you like me or don’t!! I will tell nothing but my truth and how I was affected by this individual. I was also manipulated, maybe not in a physical way but in an emotional way that you people who don’t even know this man will never understand… F**k that woman Beater!!!!! And if your believe that bullsh*t apology with NO [TEARS] AND COULDNT EVEN MENTION Cassie name then you on the same BULL SH*T!!!!!!!! BUT TELL HIM TO MENTION EVERYONE NAME INCLUDING KIM PORTER,” Bonds wrote on Instagram.

He also shared texts from ex-employees.

“This n***a got a lot of NERVES. Was that a blanket apologie [sic] to everyone he has assaulted? Not just his girlfriends/ but EMPLOYEES?!? Me included?…I should have sued him when he assaulted me. I guess I was a real DUMMY! Cause all the other employees left with a CHECK AFTER HE ASSAULTED THEM.”

Another said, “I’ve been having PTSD issues but that’s just because it’s so much going on. Once I left I buried all this stuff away. I don’t want to be on anything. I been getting a lot of requests to speak.”

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