Rick Ross Explain Canada Incident, Drake Calls Tia Kemp The ‘GOAT’

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Rick Ross has stepped forward to explain what happened earlier this week when he got into a brawl in Canada with supporters of Drake.

The Canadian rapper has gotten wind of the melee that took place in Vancouver and seemingly joined Ross’ baby mother, Tia Kemp, in trolling the “Maybach Music” artist. It’s been a humiliating day for Rick Ross after he was seen on video being punched in the face by an angry Drake fan and members of his entourage, including a security guard and his DJ, being beaten severely by the Canadians. The humiliating incident came after Rick Ross ended his performance with the provocative “Not Like Us” Kendrick Lamar diss track aimed at Drake.

Ross had joined the feud with Future, Metro Boomin, Lamar, The Weekend and others who took lyrical shots at Drake. Rick Ross trolled Drake endlessly in his diss song as he boasted about his houses and money and called him a white boy, completely ignoring his black heritage.

It seems that his loud boasts couldn’t hold up as the Canadians tested him, and he’s seen making a hasty retreat on video.

As Tia Kemp continued to troll Ross over the incident, Drake posted a video showing him and his crew enjoying Canada Day. Tia also appeared under Drake’s post, calling on the rapper and drawing a cheeky reply.

“Drakeeeeee,” she wrote in the comment section. Drake responded, “My goat,” along with the starry-eyed and pink heart emojis.

The rapper also appeared to be having an extra good day as he chuckled while toasting to his fellow Canadians: ” Happy Canada Day. Cheers to the whole country. It’s a hard day today, but the sun’s out.”

It seems that Rick Ross was not for his baby mother teaming up with Drake as he reacted to their comments showing love to each other.

“Pedo vs granny,” he wrote in comments under the blog. Tia also posted a photo of Ross showing what seems to be a black eye. “Hiding that [eye emoji], she wrote.

Rick Ross has since stepped forward to address the incident which he says did not play how it appeared in the viral videos.

“I’m thinking about the event that happened over there,” the MMG rapper said. “When the first dude stepped up to Rozay, the lil’ short fat one that looked like Bam Bam Bigelow from wrestling. When he stepped up, I squatted down and his eyes had told him what I said. Basically, ‘Boy, if I hit you, I’ma see everything you ate for the last two days.’ His balls dropped out of his ass. He never said another word, he did never did nothing. He was a straight busta.”

It’s unclear if any arrests were made following the incident in Vancouver.

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