Ming Luanli Opens Up About Relationship With Nicki Minaj and Being Bullied

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Ming Maraj and Nicki Minaj

Ming Luanli, also known as Ming Maraj, speaks highly of her big sister Nicki Minaj as she describes their relationship as having its fair share of trials, but they have each other’s back.

It has been speculated that Ming and her sister are not on good terms after she gave insight into her life as an aspiring rapper living in the hood in New York. Many have criticized Nicki for not stepping up because she’s a multi-millionaire and famous rapper.

While on the We In Miami Podcast, she described her life as ‘difficult’ growing up, but she’s adamant that she doesn’t want handouts even from her famous sister.

“It was kinda hard, and I used to be bullied a lot for it because people used to like ‘, Oh, if this person is your sister, why don’t she do this for you or do that for you? At a young age, it’s like you don’t know how to answer questions like those,” Ming added, saying that she also wanted to impress her sister. “I never needed her to get me to my goal, I just needed her to see that I can do it and she can be proud of me without having to think that I needed to have an easy way to get to the top.”

Ming also says it’s important to earn her own accolades.

“I used to have this urge to impress my sister; I’m not gon’ lie; I always have this urge to impress her because anybody else I wouldn’t give a f**k about.”

The young artist also shared that she was never close to the “Super Bass” singer growing up, but Minaj has supported her father and Ming financially.

“She was like always busy stuff like that. I be doing my sh*t too. Even though people do think that like we’re not cool, we’re gonna argue. I’m not gon’ lie, me, my sister do be getting mad at me but this is nothing new. Siblings do fight. Ming is just Ming, bro, respectfully. I be getting everyone tight,” Ming said.

The young artist just turned 18 as she finishes high school. She and Minaj share the same father, Robert Maraj.Maraj was killed in a hit-and-run accident in 2021.

“She was a good sister, she did check up on my dad and me from time to time. She always made sure we were goof situated and what not. It didn’t matter that she was distant or not, she was still being there and making sure we were all good. I don’t have no hate towards her,” she said.

Minaj also seems to support her sister’s dreams of becoming a musician, but she has warned Ming about “dirty” people in the music industry, no doubt based on her own experiences.

“It’s always family at the end of the day, no matter how we argue, fight, it got nothing to do with anyone but us we still gon be family,” she added.

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