Sean Paul Calls For Republic Jamaica and Cut Ties With King Charles

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Jamaican music legend Sean Paul says he’s in favor of Jamaica becoming a republic and leaving the British Monarchy. A British citizen by descent from his grandmother, who was born in Coventry, Sean Paul believes it’s time Jamaica formalized itself as an independent nation.

The country is currently in the throes of an intense debate over constitutional reform as the opposition and governing parties jostle over key issues that would result from independence. Jamaica first gained independence from the British in 1962, but it remained a Commonwealth realm, with Charles III as King and being represented by a Governor-General of Jamaica.

In recent days, a constitutional reform committee report has been prepared with various bipartisan recommendations. Even though the political parties can’t seem to come to a consensus, at least Sean Paul has a view that it’s time for Jamaica to stand on its own.

While in Good Morning Britain, Sean Paul was asked about the country’s decision and his feelings about it.

“Every child gotta grow up and be independent, and I think that countries can be perceived in that same way. We need to prove ourselves to be us. So, salute to the great UK, and I’m not saying so long; I’m saying give us our chance to stand up, give us our chance to make you proud,” Sean Paul.

The artist also hinted that while Jamaica is part of the Commonwealth, there was little to no benefit to people in Jamaica as he singled out the visa system, which “places unnecessary burdens” on people travelling to Britain.

“We’re the Commonwealth, a lot of times we get scrutinized. ‘oh red light come to the bac here’… oh Jamaica passport, let me check you out more. It’s unfortunate that it has been that way so long,” he added.

Sean Paul also shared that his grandmother recently received a postcard from King Charles as she celebrated her 100th birthday. He’s set to return to her hometown of Coventry for a celebration in the summer.

Sean Paul is widely regarded as one of the greatest Jamaican musicians ever to take up the mic and one of the greatest dancehall artists in the history of the genre. The deejay, who rose to fame in the late 90s and early 2000s with a slew of global hit records, managed to maintain his musical relevance over the decades he has been active through constantly reinventing himself and winning over fans across generations.

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