Nor Joaquin, Patricia or Katrina can stop the continuity of a business or government service, according to Generac


MEXICO CITY, Jan. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The devastating presence of Joaquín in the Bahamas reminds us that nothing and no one is exempt from suffering a drubbing of nature and that we also cannot avoid it; from the common citizen whose housing can be destroyed by a natural phenomenon to the hotel chains with large tourist complexes, nor much less our governments, which even with a strategy of intelligence and security, can only prevent further damage and take actions to mitigate the impact. Against the force of nature, who can stand up to it?

The urgent need for immediate power supply, either due to the deficiency of existing supplies, a failure in a power station, a natural disaster or any unforeseen catastrophe, can be satisfied by means of portable power generators.

According to Generac, leading designer and manufacturer of backup systems in continuous energy operation, mobile products and power tools, here are some of its main benefits:

  • Mobile generators are built to last and excel in extreme conditions, which make them invaluable for emergency response situations, construction sites, road equipment, field bases and other applications that require a reliable mobile power supply.
  • It is about efficient solutions for a rapid capability application, since its modular design has been conceived for a fast mobilization and ramp up.
  • There are residential, commercial and industrial product lines, allowing for an affordable solution for all types of businesses or residences. For businesses that do not want to make the investment, a portable solution designed for temporal use can also be offered.
  • For the Government sector, specifically, it is very important to maintain the continuity of operations. By having a backup generator for emergency use, services such as police and fire stations can guarantee uninterrupted service to the population.



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