DJ Akademiks Calls Yung Miami Diddy’s Ghislaine Maxwell Amid New Lawsuit

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

DJ Akademiks slams Yung Miami following the latest lawsuit against Diddy, calling her “Caresha Maxwell” while likening her to Ghislaine Maxwell.

DJ Akademiks and Yung Miami are bitter enemies and regularly go after each other on social media, so it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that the hip-hop pundit is using this opportunity to attack the Miami rapper. It is now safe to say that there is no chance of the two sides making peace.

Urban Islandz reported on Monday that Diddy was hit with a lawsuit by a former male employee who is claiming sexual assault and grooming. Among his allegations are that one of Yung Miami’s cousins sexually harassed him and even tried to have sex with him while he was hanging out with Caresha and Diddy on Thanksgiving Day. He also made several other wild claims, including claiming to have a video of Stevie J with another man.

DJ Akademiks has now commented on the bombshell lawsuit, placing the blame squarely on Yung Miami.

“Its Yung Miami fault Diddy back in the News,” AK wrote on X. “I Told Her to STFU and she wouldn’t stop. now look a nigga making claims vs Diddy. @YungMiami305 stay in a *** place n STFU! you getting ya sugar diddy into to much problems!”

Diddy Yung Miami @IG

He added in another post, “They even mentioned Yung Miami stupid ass in here… dat talk show fa sho cancelled now. She been running her mouth like Diddy aint tell her ass to LAY LOW. N Yall Thought I was capping when I said Yung Miami moving like she the new Ghislaine Maxwell of da Freak Offs.. Imagine 50 ni***s coming thru to f*** while playing ‘ACT BAD’ on blast in the background. GROSS.”

Yung Miami has not responded to DJ Akademiks or the lawsuit. Nevertheless, she is likely seeking legal representation as the issue continues to play out.

In the meantime, Diddy and his son’s attorneys have responded to the latest via statements calling it baseless claims. Producer Stevie J also moved to distance himself from the claims, calling them bogus.