Record Number of ABE Top Paper Awards in Trinidad

LONDON, April 13/PRNewswire/ — The Association of Business Executives (ABE) is pleased to announce that there were a record-breaking 21 top paper award winners in Trinidad in the December 2009 ABE examinations. This is a tremendous achievement by ABE students and colleges alike and they deserve to be congratulated on their success. Two colleges in particular, SBCS and CTS, deserve special mentions for tutoring eight and five of these high-achievers respectively.  There were also three top paper award winners at SITAL and one at INTAD. Interestingly, four private students also won awards indicating the flexibility of ABE qualifications and the potential for self-study. 

 Over 28% of all ABE top paper award winners worldwide in December 2009 studied in Trinidad. This success indicates the high levels of commitment and hard-work which ABE students in Trinidad continue to show and we are proud to offer our qualifications on the island and throughout the Caribbean.

 ABE will be hosting an event in Trinidad later this year to honour these students and to give all ABE students a chance to network with employers, colleges and each other.

 There will be more information on this event soon but to hear about this or to find out more about how and where to study for an ABE qualification, contact the ABE Local Representative, Glenda Esdelle at [email protected] or call her on +1-868-663-4107.