Perfect Water for the Caribbean – Zero Mass Water Unveils SOURCE Hydropanels in Jamaica


Zero Mass Water’s SOURCE Hydropanels make water from air for the University Hospital of the West Indies’ Pediatric Ward

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Feb. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — How does a hospital maintain continuous access to its most precious resource? Zero Mass Water has the answer: SOURCE Hydropanels that use only sunlight and air to make high-quality, resilient water.

The Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator was formed by Caribbean leaders in 2017 to strengthen the region’s readiness and response to disasters. The Accelerator’s objective is to create the globes’ first climate-smart zone to transform Caribbean economies with investment opportunities that support climate action. Zero Mass Water’s SOURCE Hydropanels attracted the attention of the University Hospital of the West Indies’ (UHWI) Pediatric Ward. Looking to provide high-quality water while supporting Jamaica’s pioneering efforts as one of only a handful of countries to have banned single-use plastics, the Hospital eagerly joined the ranks of communities worldwide taking their drinking water off-grid with the renewable water technology.

“We’re excited about the impact of this hospital project, our first in partnership with the Accelerator,” says Zero Mass Water Founder and CEO Cody Friesen, “This array of SOURCE Hydropanels is providing clean, resilient drinking water to staff and patients, and represents the impact we have across the broader Caribbean.”

Installed on the Hospital’s rooftop, the Hydropanel array produces up to 3,000 liters of water per month. This installation is the first of several arrays Zero Mass Water will complete through its partnership with the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator.

Until now, communities in Jamaica lacked good options for water access. With the island’s water infrastructure often deemed too old and ineffective –Jamaicans often turn to bottled water as their primary supply, contributing to the nation’s plastic waste troubles. Recent water lock offs in Jamaica have left institutions, like UHWI, to seek better solutions.

SOURCE Hydropanels make, mineralize, and deliver high-quality drinking water by converting moisture in the air, representing a new choice for water that is both waste-less and reliable.

“A first step in building resilience is having access to clean drinking water after a disaster. The elegance in this solution is that it provides that facility while also displacing plastic water bottles that are contributors to our climate challenge. Zero Mass Water’s delivery of an innovative solution to our most vulnerable is an example to others, it embodies the kind of partnerships most desired by the Accelerator,” said Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder.

Zero Mass Water’s SOURCE Hydropanels are available for purchase and have been installed for homes and communities across the Caribbean.

About Zero Mass Water

Zero Mass Water’s mission is to make drinking water an unlimited resource. SOURCE is a Hydropanel that creates drinking water simply from sunlight and air – made possible by the combination of thermodynamics, materials science and controls technology. Zero Mass Water puts the power of safe, high-quality water production into the hands of every person in nearly every climate and corner of the world. Zero Mass Water is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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