Young Thug’s Associate YSL Slug Testified He Is ‘Truly Humble Under God’

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Prosecution witness Trontavious ‘Slug’ Stephens insists that if the prosecution looks hard enough, they can find music proving that the rapper is “Truly Humble Under God.”

The defense has claimed that the rapper’s name does not pay homage to crime in Fulton County and actually means that he is truly humble under God, something the prosecution is hard-pressed to prove wrong as they establish that he is the head and brain of a gang that reigned terror on Fulton County from 2012-2022.

During court on Monday, prosecutor Adriane Love asked Slug if he knew any songs that spoke about Thug being humble under God.

“Can you think of a single song right now as you sit here right now that talks about the defendant being truly humble under God?” Love asked him.

“If you give me some time, I can think of one,” Slug insisted. “How much time do you need?” the prosecutor asked. “You will let me go and play some music?” the witness added.

Stephens also goes on to identify Thug’s song “Droppin Jewels” talking about God. However, the song does not explicitly refer to God, although Slug references the lyrics “Tell me why I’m livin’, why am I remaining here?” contemplating God. The song, on the other hand, does talk about “drop a body.”

In the meantime, Young Thug and Gunna’s track “Pushin P” was also brought up in the trial, with the prosecutor asking whether “Pushin P” meant “Pushing Percocets.”

“You said ‘…a lot of them [songs] about drugs…’ name one of them that talks about Percs. Pushin P,” the prosecutor asked. “I don’t recall,” Slug said, adding, “You want me to replay the song in my head, or you gon play it for me?”

“If you play the song, I can tell you if talks about percs,” he said, which says Love backing down. Like “Droppin Jewels” does not mention God, so does “Pushing P” not say anything about Percocets.

Young Thug’s lawyers have alleged that “Pushin P” stands for “Pushin Positivity.”

Slug’s testimony on the stand appears not to be going as planned by the prosecution. As part of his plea deal, he agreed that YSL was a gang. However, his testimony has not been as concrete as the prosecution’s case goes for a wild ride with Stephens at the helm. So far, he has not given any substantial evidence that Thug or any of the other defendants are gang members who committed serious crimes in Fulton County.