We Once Oppressed Have Become The Oppressor

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We Once Oppressed Have Become The Oppressor

When the voice of Government seeks to change the Child Justice Laws to include police action and possible sentencing, instead of seeking and repairing or removing the root cause of youth violence, the lack of planning in our Government is obviously glaring.

This is particularly annoying, especially when we remember that our P.M. cut his government administrative teeth in the Ministry of Planning as Minister.

Maybe he was too young to take the honour as seriously as he did the job in those days, surrounded by a large team of consultants and advisers from UK, USA, and visiting Caribbean experts. It is a shame we now have no Ministry of Planning.

One would expect our government to recognize the state of mind of our youth post COVID, the state of mind and pocket of their single parent, because unemployment has reduced more families to single parenting, and often, children are forced to fend for themselves. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day is often missing, and no money for snacks makes for very angry girls and boys.

We all know how grumpy hungry adults can be. We need the Ministry of Social Services to ask what is making the young people so angry, enough to take up weapons and create gangs.

The post COVID world is weary, sad and poor, except for the COVID economy, the remainder of the economy seems to garner talk shops instead of harvests, inertia spreads through the population, frustrating our children, encouraging confrontation, fear, and the need for support, hence the gang replaces the fragmented family.

Government needs to sensitize itself to the state of mind of the youth, stoned out of their minds, even as the Prime Minister of St. Vincent encourages, “every child can roll a spliff in the morning before they go school, before they have breakfast.”

Clearly the generation in power do not understand what smoking cannabis does to the brains of youth.

Further, the idea that smokers do not get enraged or highly energetic can be exposed as a fallacy by the amount of work which Rastafari do while charged, and that certain dreadlocked warrior tribes in Africa like the Mau Mau, and the dreads of Patrice Lumumba fought their enemies fully charged on cannabis.