Video Shows August Alsina Leaving Tory Lanez Hanging Before Assault

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

A new video shared online on Monday shows the moments before the alleged fight between Tory Lanez and August Alsina.

The R&B singer accused the Toronto rapper of busting his lips, and he shared photos of the bruises he received to his elbow and knees and the bloodied lip he was left with. August Alsina claimed that Tory Lanez and his crew jumped him after he refused to acknowledge him because of comments he made about the singer amid the Jada Pinkett-Smith relationship drama last year.

However, Tory Lanez denied that he had even been around August Alsina as he claimed on Saturday that he was in the studio working and he was not into “negative” things. The singer later accused Lanez of leaking reports of the fight to a blog to promote himself.

The new video evidence not only links Lanez to Alsina before the fight, but it also appears to show the rapper behaving aggressively and being egged on after Alsina ignores him. The video shows Alsina wearing a black and white plaid hoodie and a teddy bear bag on his back as he walked past a crowd of people. He is unaccompanied without security as he passes Lanez, who held his hand out clearly to greet him. As Alsina passes, he looks at Lanez’s hand before continuing about his business. The Canadian rapper, who was wearing a white shirt and a hat with devil horns, was surrounded by bodyguards wearing black t-shirts. After the R&B singer passed, he is seen still holding his hand out.

Tory Lanez kept his hand raised in the clip as August Alsina walked by, clearly disappointed that he was left hanging. A girl wearing red eventually comes in to shake hands with Lanez instead of Alsina.

Within a few seconds, Tory and his crew appear to go in the opposite direction, but they are later seen going in the direction of Alsina shortly after. The video appears to be edited and includes Lanez and his crew emerging after the alleged fight when someone asks if Lanez knocked out Alsina, to which he grins and even daps a person in celebration on the way out.

In posts shared on Instagram, Alsina explained that he didn’t acknowledge Tory because “I assumed he didn’t like me, that’s all.”

Lanez has issued several denials, including a response he gave to DJ Akademiks on Sunday where he accused August of lying.

“I don’t even know what the kid is talking about. I don’t know if he is doing promo, I don’t know what that n***a is talking about,” he said.

In the meantime, August shared the photos of his injuries in response.

“Me after a toupee’d sneak attack then being man handled by buku security one deep, as the jealous leprechaun run’s back off into the building,” he said.