Update: Garcia arrested for embezzling Venezuelan bank


WILLEMSTAD – “It’s not the Dutch Antilles Express (DAE), according to an information we’ve received from the lawyer Mrs. Valerie Maria, who filed a complaint against Eric Carcia, which resulted in his arrest,” said the popular reporter Godfried Adem on his news site GMAN News. Eric Lion Garcia, the former Director of Giro Bank in […]

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Statement trustee lawyer Mrs. Maria of July 20, 2016 on Eric Garcia. Published by VPM Law

WILLEMSTAD – The bankruptcy of Banco Maracaibo N.V. was pronounced in 1994. As trustees were appointed Mr. Eric L. Garcia and two months later, Mr. Attorney Robert E. Blaauw. By order of the judge commissioner attorney Valerie P. Maria was added as trustee. On July 12, 2016, Mr. Garcia sent […]