Trini Rapper Theophilus London Confronts D.L. Hughley Over Kanye West Feud

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Comedian D.L. Hughley was enjoying a meal out at Nobu in California when he was approached by a Kanye West fan, Trinidadian rapper Theophilus London, who attempted to get the veteran comedian to apologize on camera.

Anyone with common sense knows D.L. Hughley would never apologize to Kanye West, who he has publicly dragged for his treatment of Kim Kardashian. Hughley has also not backed down from Kanye’s threat that he can “afford to hurt” the comedian whose general address he also shared online.

While there are people who have taken the side of Kardashian and the likes of Hughley and others who have criticized Kanye for his public rants, there are also Kanye West fans who believe the rapper is being demonized by others and that he has a right to react the way he has been in the past week.

On Sunday, London shared a video of himself approaching D.L. Hughley for an apology to Kanye West.
“I pressed this n****”, he shared a selfie video with D.L Hughley walking by him cluelessly but said that the comedian’s people called security on him.

“I told him to apologize on camera for doing that dumb Vlad interview, and his people called security,” London complained. He shared a video that looked like he was approaching the comedian as a fan.

“I’m a good boy and a peace maker tho just came to ball on some fish,” he added.

D.L. Hughley has not backed down from Kanye West’s threats in which he shared that he knew the comedian lived in Calabasas, the same area as Kanye. The comedian has continually taunted Kanye West in response to his dragging him on Instagram.

In one response on Twitter, Hughley told Kanye to ask his “goons” to stop and pick up his mental health medication on the way to kill him in Calabasas. He also clapped back at Kanye, claiming he was a drug user, telling him it must be bad that Kim is now dating a white man (Pete Davidson).

Kanye West and D.L. Hughley have been engaged in a bitter social media beef over the past several weeks, with both sides trading insults. Last week, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper’s Instagram account was suspended following a series of posts aimed at Hughley, Trevor Noah, and his usual target, Pete Davidson. His posts included a racist statement made towards Noah, which likely triggered the Instagram ban for 24 hours over bullying and hate speech.

Kanye West has yet to post anything new on social media since the ban, but his account is back online following the warning. This means further violation of the terms may result in his account being permanently removed.

On the music front, Ye has updated his Donda 2 album with new music and slighted tweaked versions of at least one of the songs.

As for D.L. Hughley, he continues to roast Kanye West on Twitter and even earned the support of Steve Harvey, who issued a warning to the billionaire rapper to steer clear of the feud.