Shenseea Returns To Dancehall With Masicka Collaboration ‘Hit and Run’

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Masicka is working on new music with Shaggy and also hopped on a track with Shenseea.

The “ShenYeng Anthem” singer has given her ShengYengs the biggest clue for her upcoming track “Hit and Run,” which she first teased on TikTok on Tuesday. As anticipation build leading to the song’s release on Friday, Shenseea released a snippet from the music video of the song and a surprise guest verse.

While in her car, Shenseea played a verse by a male artiste, causing excitement among fans online. The “Blessed” artiste is seen in her car wearing a bright red leather jacket. “Since oonu love the song, mi ago make oonu love it likkle more,” she said before turning up the volume of the track.

Shenseea and Romeich Major

It seems that the surprise guest artiste is actually Masicka, which left fans clamoring in the comments of the post shared by her local manager, Romeich Major. “P***y clart you get @shenseea and whoo??? Tag the artist!!! New music new video new collab,” Major wrote on Instagram.

Fans quickly recognized Masicka’s voice over the beat and immediately shared in Shenseea’s excitement. “Insane This sound baaaaaad @shenseea @romeichentertainment @masickamusic,” one fan wrote. “From you go masicka you’re forgiven welcome back bbz,” one said while another wrote, “Murdaaaa she’s Jamaican again.”

The song’s producer, Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor, also seemed to confirm the song is featuring Masicka. In a comment under Romeich’s post, he typed the dragon emoji, which Shenseea uses for her fan base, as well as the crocodile emoji, which Masicka uses as part of his brand.

This is Shenseea’s second dancehall collaboration for the year, with her being featured on Demarco’s “Waiting For You,” released last week without approval from Shenseea’s label Rich Immigrants, owned by producer Rvssian. This is, however, her first dancehall song being released for the year since she launched out on her hip hop career two years ago.

Many of her fans have criticized her decision to move to hip hop, and some, like critic and podcaster Jaii Frais, have called her a “flop” because she hasn’t had a hit song since she set out as a hip hop artist.

In the meantime, Shenseea also set a Jada Kingdom fan straight as she clarified that she was waiting to release her song after the fan suggested she was trying to steal any spotlight Jada was getting in the music arena due to her clash with Stefflon Don earlier this month.

“I know uno a come at me, I said it already and me see a pattern. Anytime jada put out song couple days after there go shen. And uno a go say everyone have them fans and blah blah just this look like someone weh no see the next one rise. And me have free wifi can answer all a uno,” the fan wrote.

Being the fiery Libra she is, Shenseea directly responded to the fan in a comment.

“@monica_tyra ACTUALLY, Hit & Run was supposed to come out same week as Jada’s song. I personally pushed back my release so we can all have our own moment. Stop trying to segregate di culture WEIRDO! Big up all a di artiste dem ina dancehall, including Jada,” she wrote.

Jada Kingdom and Shenseea previously beef with each other, but the artists quashed that feud a few years back. However, the respective fanbases have held onto the grudge as they pit the artists against each other.