Rvssian Did Not Authorized Demarco Song With Shenseea

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Dancehall artiste Demarco wants Rich Immigrants label boss Rvssian to sign off on his latest track with Shenseea, one of the first dancehall collaborations for the “Blessed” singer since the year started.

The “Puppy Tail” artiste teased the track’s release on Sunday on Instagram and dropped it in the early hours on Monday after not getting a response to his request. The track “Waiting For You” is a bop, no doubt, and marks the first collaboration between Shenseea and Demarco.

The vocals from both artists complement each other and feature several verses from Shenseea, who has arguably not released a good dancehall bop.

“As mi think bout you mi just ah blush/ me want you hold me up like you ah hold up a grudge, watch the time pass/ hmm patient for your love/ mi do good to your body so ah me alone deserve you,” Shenseea sings.

On Instagram Stories, Demarco asked Rvssian to clear the song. “[Rvssian] mi have a Shenseea collab bout 2 year now weh nah get clear!!! How much yuh a charge m fi clear it, $10,000 US?” Demarco wrote.

Demarco also joked about switching genres if the song isn’t cleared. “Big bomboclaat song weh cah clear mi a guh sing “merengue music” listen the rass verse,” he said.

Not waiting on Rvssian, the singjay went ahead and released the song on YouTube. Up to Monday afternoon, the song had 11k views and counting.

“Putting this out unreleased, tired of it on my desktop, 2024 everything a get heard!!! @shenseea @romeichentertainment yuh mek this collab happen inna less than a day and 2 years pass an the world dont even get to hear it! Song bad!! Youtube later!” Demarco wrote in another post.

Shenseea has not addressed the song, but she and Rvssian seem cool again after they re-followed each other over the weekend after falling out for two years.

The producer said he and Shenseea were not “seeing eye to eye,” but he has supported her career. Hopefully, Demarco’s song will get “authorized” by the super-producer despite the very active weekend he has experienced on social media, as well as the high demand for his services involving the Dutty Money Riddim.

In his recent interview Rvssian shared that he has received hundreds of songs from artists wanting to be featured on the Dutty Money Riddim, most of which he doesn’t have the time to listen.

The super producer also shared that he and Demarco had a running early in his career when he showed up at a studio to preview his beats. Rvssian shared that Demarco tried to charge him a much higher fee because he thought he was a foreigner and not a Jamaican.

Demarco quickly responded questioning why the producer singled him out as one of the artists in the industry he had a bad experience with.

Demarcodadon # @rvssian out a everybody inna dancehall a me affi get dah story yah? Cmon now g look how much song mi voice fi yuh free smh. Mi a guh do country and western music!! Jesus christ people evil. Mi a one a di first big artist weh voice fi yuh!!! @jazzytmusic when this happen? Lord thank you for my talent if mi was ever a artist Alone dog eat mi supper. #selfreliance