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Obama Administration Wants To Deepen Relationship With Caribbean – Clinton

CaribWorldNews, SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras, Thurs. June 4, 2009: U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has insisted that one of the goals of the Obama administration is to deepen its relationship with the Caribbean.

Clinton`s remarks came at a CARICOM breakfast meeting on Wednesday at the OAS` 39th General Assembly of the hemispheric institution in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

`We know how important each of your countries are in our effort to forge not only closer relations, but more prosperity and more security and greater social inclusion. And I look forward to working with all of you,` Clinton told CARICOM foreign minister, who included Jamaica`s Kenneth Baugh.

She also reiterated that President Obama has made a $45 million commitment to the U.S.-Caribbean Basin Security Initiative and is committed to trade and economic recovery, climate change and energy, and a new policy towards Cuba.

`We want to help with the common challenges that we face using tools of law enforcement, the military, and development,` said Clinton, on the security initiative.

`The Caribbean nations have played a key, constructive role in those discussions, and I’m confident we can come up with a common way forward,` she added.

Her comments come as Caribbean nations grapple with moves by President Obama to crack down on off shore finacial companies which form an integral part of the economies of many Caribbean countries.

For his part, Foreign Minister Kenneth Baugh of Jamaica emphasized the commitment of CARICOM to strengthen the ties of friendship, cooperation, trade, tourism and investment with the United States.

And he said he looked forward to a CARICOM and the United States Summit soon to advance cooperation and understanding between the two regions. – By CWNN staffer