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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Magna Motors Dealership Limited, the exclusive distributor of Hyundai vehicles in Jamaica, hosted a ‘Breddrin Link Up’ at its Oxford Road flagship in New Kingston.

Highlights of the day included competitions, games, quizzes, giveaways, food, music, and discussions.

Magna Motors’ enthusiastic male customers and staff gathered to partake in the festivities, while family and friends supported and cheered them on.

Etmour Williams, Magna Motors Dealership Limited’s commercial and customer relationship manager, played marshal to much of the day’s proceedings.

“They are more than customers,” Williams shared in a statement. “We wanted to let these men know that they are more than customers to us; they are like family and we want to see them win and continue to impact the world in meaningful ways”.

“Men are very integral to our Jamaican society, but the Magna Motors team recognizes that the contributions and sacrifices that they make to take care of their work obligations, as well as their family and friends, sometimes come at a cost to their health. They often neglect their wellbeing”.

Dr Andrei Cooke conducted an interactive presentation by imparting some much-needed knowledge about the most common health issues men deal with in Jamaica and around the world.

He instilled the importance of early and regular screening, especially for men over 40 years old; the best tool to stem the tide of prostate cancer – the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among men in Jamaica.

The men were encouraged to pay more attention to their health, make the necessary lifestyle changes to lessen their chances of getting non-communicable diseases and get their check-ups regularly.

Over 50 males participated, many of whom expressed appreciation for the consideration and recognition from the dealership.