Lil Baby Pulls A Shaggy, Denies Being In Photo With Saweetie Sitting On His Lap

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Lil Baby is denying that he was a part of the ‘no face, no case’ photo posted by rapper Saweetie last year.

The photo caused some hurt feelings after Saweetie was spotted sitting on a man’s lap with his outfit showing but not his face. Fans snooping later put two and two together and arrived at the juicy conclusion that Lil Baby was the one in the photo, as his fit from a photo he posted on his account on the same was eerily similar.

While on the Big Facts Podcast, the rapper was asked about whether he was the mystery man in the photo. “Nah,” the rapper said while the hosts erupted in laughter at Lil Baby’s hilarious expression. “It ain’t me. for real, I ain’t be lying, no,” he said while laughing.

Fans have reacted to Lil Baby’s response, but not many think his answer is believable as the events that occurred after Saweetie’s posts have been documented.

Lil Baby IG, Saweetie IG

Shortly after the picture was posted, Lil Baby appeared to answer fans’ questions about whether they were dating especially given that Saweetie had recently broken up with Quavo and Quavo/Migos and Lil Baby were not particularly friendly.

At the time, too, Lil Baby’s on and off again girlfriend and mother of his son, Jayda Cheaves, also seemed to have an issue with the post.

In an interview in December, Jayda addressed the rumor that her ex was dating Saweetie, noting that not only did she know about the date, which included shopping at Chanel, but she also appeared hurt that Baby would take his date to do something he did with her.

“The day it happened, I knew about it,” Jayda said as she explained that she had eyes and ears in public that kept tabs on Lil Baby.

“How are you gonna do that to Miss Chanel herself? You don’t think I’m gonna find out about that? I was waiting on somebody to say something,” she said.

Despite saying that he was not the guy in the photo, fans also think that Lil Baby was referring to Saweetie in a recent song and taking shots at Quavo as he directly replied to his “swap it out” comments.