LETTER: #Red Dead…Dead…! #Vote Self Enrichment Gaston out of Office in 2023

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

Black Immigrant Daily News

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor,

Antigua are the most baffling people I’ve ever witnessed before my eyes.

Clearly Gaston is showing Antigua people that he clearly doesn’t care about them and is solely focused on enriching himself and his family along with the Cabinet member and Antigua people still fighting it.

First off, the St John’s stinks to the high heaven.

Years people are complaining about this and Gaston nah even say the government is going to invest in the upkeep of St John’s because we are heavily dependent on Tourism.

There are many huge holes in the side which sometimes you see garbage or the green slimy water running with wring worms inside of them and Tourist sometime falls inside of them.

Are we going to wait until someone gets seriously injured to address this vexing issue?

Now you mean to say public works who know about this can’t fix these holes which are so important so tourist and the public do not get seriously hurt or injured.

Smh! Is so broke the country is?

Second is the issue of roads.

The road network as it currently stands is the worst roads I’ve ever driven on and seen, having been to 99% throughout my life.

Holes, deep depression, high manholes where one has to drive around them on the new roads.

Can’t the engineers at Public Works see we have a serious drainage problem which needs to be addressed instead of just laying barber green on the previous asphalt which existed.

We need drainage and proper alignment of the drainage and the road asphalt so that when the rain falls it runs immediately into the gutter when it touches the asphalt.

All Saints Road, Parham Backroad, Herberts Main Road, Independence Avenue, Factory Road, Buckley Line Main Road, Sweets Main Roads and Piggots Main Road are some of the worst main roads on island currently.

Imagine even the roads in town like Redcliff Street, High Street, Nevis Street, Church Street, Newgate Street, St Mary Street are in deplorable conditions.

Gaston wants another term?

Third is the issue of unemployment. Before covid hit the country had a very high unemployment rate.

Covid hits it got worst and Gaston made it worst with his vaccine mandate which was a very retarded move.

Now the country is slowly recovering from covid, Gaston can’t even attract investment to get people especially young people working.

We heard about some 300M investment, Willloughy Bay, Calloo Cay, YIDA, WIESZ, Marriot, Beaches, Shell Beach, Paradise Lost, Waldorf Astoria, Best Western, Calvin Aire Vally Church Beach Hotel, Sunny Hill Project, Half Moon Bay Hotel, Nugent Ave Hospital, 5.7 Million Invisible Cemetery Factory Road, Failed 72 Million eBooks Scandal, Failure to place SS back on a proper footing as he promised, 1 time Antigua Airways,500 homes in 500 days, Willougby Bay Reverse Osmosis Plant, lost Candian Visa Free status, underwater hotel.

With this government failure after failure.

Fourth issue is we have a high number of workers who have a troubled relationship with this government.

LIAT workers, Jolly Beach, Clare View, Fiennes Workers, Nurses, Police, Fire Brigade, Prison Officers, Nursing Board, Pharmacy Board Workers.

Are we real in this country? ABLP nah care about workers in this country, so much so they promise and can’t deliver upon their promise to the forementioned above and Antigua people still saying Hitler all the way. Give me a break!

Finally, Antigua is extremely filthy as it currently stands.

Overgrown shrubs everywhere as it stands scratching up people vehicle and having people walk in the road which is dangerous in itself.

Garbage is everywhere, the roads are not properly lit.

Crime is out of control, gun violence, murders, rape, school children gang violence etc. etc. Poverty is on an increasing high.

People can’t get water despite Gaston bragging that one household is supposed to go more than 2 days without water and we are going to have water daily since the installation of St James Reverse Osmosis Plant, and APUA buying the membranes for the other which exist we still can’t get water constantly, most time days and weeks we still can’t get water.

Its crazy, we need a change in governance now!

If things hard now, imagine giving this communist government another, things will turn for the very worst, poverty will be worse than it already is, crime will be worst , things are going to get much harder and worst.

It’s time for these hooligans to go, they have raped the country enough, they have lost their way.

Them nah care about nobody but themselves and their family.

#Vote Dem Out!#Red Dead#2023 Antigua Hopefully Redeemed

Frank JosephUpset Citizen