Juliette’s gift – A well-lit home for Christmas to bring cheer Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

There is a home in Callenders that is drawing lots of attention and evoking much laughter and joy this Christmas, because it has thousands of lights and over 100 lit characters on the lawns and paths.

Juliette Toppin-Worrell has yet again gifted children and adults with another fairytale experience.

Cars of families, taxis with clients or lone drivers have all pulled over or parked to get a longer look or closer glance at Juliette’s wonderland of Christmas lights.

Chatting with Loop after watering her garden, she said she loves to decorate her home for the kids, and as long as God gives her life and strength she’ll continue to do it.

When asked if it’s a costly undertaking, she quickly said no. Sharing one of her secrets, she said she buys her pieces when the prices drop to their lowest or go on sale throughout the year. In fact, just days before Christmas and she told us that she had just clicked purchase on another Mickey Mouse.

Juliette said if she had to pick a favourite character from amongst the over 100 features, it would be Santa climbing the ladder, and she now has two. She explained that she asked the maker about a larger version but they said that’s all they have for indoor by the Christmas tree. But since she wanted to put Santa outdoors, they told her just take him out nightly and then take him in at night or if it rains.

To those who miss some of her blow up decorations from years previous, she explained that in this climate they don’t make the most sense. She said they are more trouble than profit but she bought back an inflated carousel because a loyal visitor who comes yearly pleaded with her to at least get that one. She said when the lady saw it this year, her response made the purchase worth it too.

Safety is a top priority as well for Juliette who has to take care climbing her ladder and hanging her decorations. With a few near falls, she’s trying to be extra cautious, especially since her knee surgery back in 2019. That Christmas her doctors advised her not to put much pressure on her knee, so with a heavy heart she took a break in 2019.

Sitting inside on the evenings as people stop and stare, Juliette says she sees and hears the funniest things. She watches parents trying to convince young children it’s time to go, or hears adults exclaiming over certain pieces. She had the funniest story about a lady with five children who yelled, “She even got Olaf [the snowman from Frozen]”. These small joys for some, bring great joy to Juliette.

And with many people wondering about her December light bill, Juliette says she believes she can afford to do it, especially because she loves Christmas and it’s but once a year.

Her only disappointment this year is that her grandchildren could only see the display through videos and pictures, but she’s hopeful that next year they’ll get to be here.

This year Juliette added a few pieces like the gift boxes and Falala sign, but she has bought some new ones already and has some more in her cart to purchase for Christmas 2023.