Jesse Jackson Faces Lawsuit Over Trinidad Event

CaribWorldNews,  NEW YORK, NY, Mon. May 4, 2009: Rights activist and head of the Rainbow Push Coalition, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. has been slammed with a lawsuit for failing to honor a Trinidad speaking engagement.

American Entertainment International, Inc. filed the lawsuit Thursday in Cook County Circuit Court against Jackson for $100,000.64. The civil suit claims Jackson knowingly reneged on a contract to speak at a Nov 3. 2007 event set for Aranguez Savannah, Trinidad and Tobago. The event was a United National Congress’ election rally.

Jackson would have been paid a whopping $75,000 for the engagement in addition to transportation to the event in a chartered private jet, a hotel suite, meals and ground expenses, the suit said.

It also claims that the reverend reportedly cited a desire to avoid a perception of showing favoritism as his reason for failing to fulfill his contractual duties.

The company claims the failure by the Chicago native to honor his contract cost them to lose $36,068.64 on a chartered private jet from Blue Star Jets and $63,932 that the company would have received as a commission. AEI no longer lists Jackson as a client on its site.