Ex director EBS Kenneth Vaseur arraigned


The ex director of the Energy Company Suriname (EBS), Kenneth Vaseur, was arraigned on Friday. Vaseur’s defense attorney has already requested that his client be released from police custody. The former director was arrested and taken into police custody on Wednesday. He was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement, fraud and complicity in fraud. According to the police, Duiker and Vasseur were arrested on the same charges. Vasseur has reportedly told investigators that he is innocent. According to Vaseur, Duiker is the one who has violated the financial rules of the EBS. Investigators found out that Vasseur signed the first contract with Greenland Development NV when he was still general director at the EBS…[+]

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“Fine system is source of income for EBS and SWM”

“The fine system at the Energy Company Suriname (EBS) and the Suriname Water Company (SWM) is mostly being used as a source of income instead of correcting consumers,” said Albert Alleyne, chairman of the Consumers’ Circle Suriname. Alleyne pointed out that giving somebody a fine is supposed to encourage that […]