Drag Racing Association invited to Cabinet to address possibilities for expanding the popular reach of drag racing in Antigua

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Jason Marsh, who is the principal creator of Marsh-Built Motors, has been a winner at the Drag Racing “Olympics” that are held in Maryland USA.

He is seeking a patent on a turbo booster that he has designed to make racing cars run even faster; the product is in demand and the designer is doing his very best to ensure that Antigua and Barbuda is recognized as a place from which inventions can come.

Jason Marsh is also a race car driver; he has won several races in Maryland and elsewhere, demonstrating his capability on the race track as well.

His victories have resulted in inquiries about Antigua, and the Cabinet determined that the Ministry of Tourism will work with Mr. Marsh to bring cars and drivers, and car-racing enthusiasts, to Antigua in large numbers for special events.

It was agreed that more concrete barriers are required for the safety of everyone, and that more viewing stands will be needed in order to attract more visitors.

It was also agreed that the Ministry of Health and the Sir Lester Bird Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (SLBMSJMC) are to be in a state of readiness in the event of any accidents.

The Cabinet agreed to appoint Mr. Marsh as a Sports Ambassador with no monetary compensation. -The Minister of Sports reported that the drawings of the Olympic practice swimming pool have been completed and that the work on its construction will shortly begin.

The resources for its construction have already been secured.