Demarco Says He Wasn’t Paid For Sting Clash, Calls Shane O A Great Artist

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Demarco says he won’t be performing at Sting’s 40th anniversary despite asking for $6 million to make an appearance. The artiste has been clashing with several artists in the space, including Shane O, Renee 6:30, Kyodi, and Fully Bad.

However, while the clash has been exciting, the “Puppy Tail” artiste revealed that fans won’t see him on stage at the annual event.

“Yeah man, Laing nuh pay me, Mi nuh get no money enuh, mi nuh get no money enuh fam so I won’t be at Sting,” the dancehall artist/producer said while on Instagram Live.

While the clash had gotten heated up and many fans tuned in, Demarco says he is less focused on appearing at Sting and instead working with the artists who clashed with him.

“Clash nice and all ah dat but yo, right now mi want do some rawtid real hit songs, yuh see mi. Mi have the yute dem mi have Fully Bad fi do song, mi have Kayodi fi do song. Mi have Shane O fi do songs and do songs with substance and send it ah road,” he added.

He quickly cleared up that Kyodi and Fully Bad would be clashing with Sting and that there wouldn’t be any friendship until the event ended.

Demarco also said he was “choosing peace” but letting things go and focusing on making music instead of warring with the other artists. It’s unclear if Demarco will be making up with Renee 6:30, who revealed that she and Demarco were once sexually involved. She also hinted that he had performed oral sex on her, an act considered taboo in Jamaican society.

He has not responded since she showed podcast hosts on The Fix a supposed photo proving her claim.

On the other hand, Demarco also revealed that he has not received any contact from Rvssian to be part of the Dutty Money riddim, but he wants to gather the artists rejected by Rvssian to put them on a riddim to show off their skills.

In the meantime, Demarco hails the three dancehall artists who responded to his call for a lyrical clash, namely Shane O, Fully Bad, and Kyodi.

“It was a great experience exercising my lyrical skills with these great artists @fullybadmusic @kyodimob @shaneo876_world_balla_ just want yall to know these niggas aint no walk over although john wick deal wid dem wicked but mi have respect for them for stepping up and making the genre nice again!!! @shaneo876_world_balla_ yuh a one a di baddest ting out deh,” he said.