Curoil announces less profit this year


WILLEMSTAD – The profit of the Oil Distribution Company Curoil’s was halved in 2017. The year before it was 39 million, last year 22 million remained. The decrease is mainly due to the fact that 2016 was so profitable. But revenues also fell due to a decreasing demand for fuel and bunkering. Despite the decline […]

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Fuel, water and electricity increase in price in July, propane gas remains the same

WILLEMSTAD – On July 3, next Tuesday, the rates of fuel will be adapted. Gasoline goes up in price per liter at the pump. From about 1.98 guilders to more than 2.05 guilders. Diesel rises sharply in price: from 1.40 guilders to more than 1.52 guilders. Propane gas remains the […]