Congratulations to all our SBA: Aruba Signature Experiences graduates!

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Last week the Small Business Academy (ASE) certification ceremony was held at Colegio EPI where Qredits Aruba together with the Aruba Tourism Authority

had the honor of handing out certificates to our future entrepreneurs, who have completed the Small Business Academy course. 

Throughout this course, participants immersed themselves in a transformative learning journey by discovering the art of crafting high-value, low-impact tourism experiences. 

From ideation to execution, participants designed their unique experiences by blending cultural richness with sustainability, with the skills and knowledge they attained during the program. 

Throughout the program, the participants also had the opportunity to gain knowledge in different aspects of properly starting and managing a business. 

Finally, at the end of the course, each participant had to present and pitch their experiences in the following sectors: Romance, Wellness & Wellbeing, Eco-tourism, Culinary, and Culture. 

Qredits Aruba would like to thank Ms. Twyma van der Biezen and the Aruba Tourism Authority for once again, a successful and impactful collaboration. 

Congratulations to all our Small Business Academy graduates for their enthusiasm and dedication throughout the program! 

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