Clinton hires former Fannie Mae lobbyist to transition team


Hillary Clinton on Tuesday named a former top lobbyist for bailed-out mortgage company Fannie Mae to co-chair her presidential transition team. Tom Donilon’s time at the company, 1999-2005, was at the height of the housing bubble, just before the market crashed in 2008. But his time at Fannie Mae is absent from the Clinton campaign’s official bio of the former lobbyist. He served as national security advisor in the Obama White House. Donilon will be joined by former Interior Secretary and former Senator Ken Salazar (D-Colo.), who will chair the project.Other co-chairs include longtime Clinton loyalists Maggie Williams and Neera Tanden, as well as former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.(…[+]


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Trump’ s ‘extreme vetting’ not unprecedented in US history

Donald Trump’s proposal for the “extreme vetting” of immigrants has a long and controversial history, in which versions of the plan have been used during times of political and social upheaval to quell fear and agitation. From the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 to the McCarran Internal Security Act […]