Chrisean Rock Sentenced For Assault Case At Tamar Braxton’s Show

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American reality star and hip hop artist Chrisean Rock has been sentenced to 12 months probation in Los Angeles for the assault of James Wright Chanel at Tamar Braxton’s show last November in Baltimore.

Rock was arrested last week in a surprise twist when she turned up at the court in Los Angeles with her son Chrisean Jr. in tow to support her baby’s father, rapper Blueface. Blueface, who was appearing in court, is also behind bars for his own legal issues after failing to turn himself in to authorities for a matter unrelated to Rock.

A sentencing sheet confirmed that Rock was charged with two offences – assault with a deadly weapon that is not a firearm and battery on a person with injury for hitting Wright during a concert in her Baltimore hometown after Tamar Braxton invited her to attend the show. Rock allegedly refused to come off the stage, leading to a confrontation she initiated with Wright.

At first, Rock lied and even provided witnesses to lie for her that she had not hit Wright. However, months later, Wright and Braxton revealed that he suffered injuries to his nose and teeth after Rock hit him in the face. The rings on her hand reportedly inflicted harm on Wright.

She was sentenced on June 14 for assault with a deadly weapon to 30 days in jail at the Los Angeles County Jail as a condition of probation and summary probation to 12 months.

The probation conditions are that Rock must also make restitution to the victim, and she must obey all laws and orders of the court and not use, possess or own any dangerous or deadly weapons. She cannot use any force or violence against any person, and she cannot “annoy, harass, or molest any victim or witness in this case.”

Rock is also commanded to “not associate with/stay away from, at least 100 yards away from, James Wright and 800 W. Olympic Blvd, LA.”

In the meantime, Rock will remain in custody until the end of her 30 jail stint before she is extradited to Oklahoma for skipping out on serving her sentence for two drug charges.

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