Chrisean Rock Sends Blueface Cheating Threats After Taking Him Back

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock says she took back Blueface the last time and even threatened him with castration if he cheated on her again.

Urban Islandz reported yesterday that Chrisean Rock debuts a new face tattoo of Blueface, which upsets some fans who reacted by condemning her action. Some fans had even questioned if the tattoo was real, but according to Rock, it’s very real, and she paid a lot of money to get the portrait of the Los Angeles rapper on her face.

“Let’s really get into the nitty gritty though it’s not fake,” she said. “I just got it professionally done at a place where they do like some really good sh*t.

Chrisean Rock

The tattoo of Blueface appears to be his recent mugshot following his arrest for probation violation. The reality TV star received a lot of flack from her fans for the new ink, and now she is on the defensive about it. This morning, she hopped on IG Live to push back at the criticism, saying that this is the last time that she is taking back her on-again, off-again boyfriend.

“I already told him if that shit ain’t only mine when you get home, I’m cutting it off and feeding it to his dog Batman,” Chrisean said in the clip. “And then I’m dipping and I’m never looking back. You got one more last chance with me and I got one more last chance with him. So that’s that. Everybody else that keep popping it and popping in with all that negativity, take it somewhere else.”

Chrisean Rock also explains why she and Blueface have decided to get back together. Keep in mind that he has not spoken publicly about this, at least not yet.

“Me and Blue, we’re gonna give it another try,” she said defiantly. “We realized we’re not our happiest with anybody else so all that sh*t he was doing was fake for some money. Me, I was just drunk. So, you know, back with my [baby daddy].”

Chrisean Rock says she constantly talks to Blueface on the phone from jail, although she has yet to leak any clips of their jail conversation. “He stays on the phone with me [from jail] and he loves talking to his b**ch. So y’all can just eat a d*ck,” she said while pushing back at fans who called her delusional.

Since posting the video of her new tattoo on Sunday, Chrisean Rock lost over 200,000 fans who unfollowed her. The Crazy In Love star appears to be okay with those fans leaving her as she is focusing on her relationship with Blueface and has even moved back into his house.