Chrisean Rock Moving Back In With Blueface But Mother’s Objection

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Chrisean Rock says she is moving back into Blueface’s house, but his mother says he doesn’t want her. The “Thotiana” rapper is currently incarcerated in a Los Angeles jail for probation violation, and it looks like he will be in the slammer for several months.

However, while behind bars, his baby mother Chrisean Rock is taking up residence in his home. The Baddies reality star shared some photos on her IG Story of moving trucks outside the home she rented and moving her belongings to Blueface house.

“Moving back with my baby daddy,” she wrote. Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, quickly responded to her announcement, telling fans that he did not approve of the move. “She bet not be mad when he come home and ask her to leave. Because she already know he don’t fuck with her in real life,” Saffold wrote.

Chrisean Rock

Blueface says he’s enjoying being behind bars in a new video shared on Tuesday. The rapper’s absence has been noticeable since the year started because he’s been locked up in jail while waiting for his court hearing.

His arrest record reveals that he is booked on felony charges and won’t be released until February 7th. There are reports that he was arrested for beating up Chrisean Rock.

A video shared online showed the rapper in a red leather jacket saying that he was turning himself in for some “mandatory issues,” he said.

It seems that he was booked for violating his probation following the fight with Chrisean Rock, which was posted on video online.

However, the rapper’s phone call on Tuesday was posted online, where he said he was fine in jail and even seemed to enjoy activities he couldn’t do while a free man.

“Aye, I love it here. It’s active. It’s cracking. It’s the only place I can do things I might go to jail for it but I won’t because I’m already in jail. Waiting for the date,” Blueface said on the video. He added, “Aye, I love you girl, you know Imma be home soon.”

The call was made to his fiancée, Jaidyn Alexis, who recorded that video and posted it to her Instagram Stories.

However, his other baby’s mother, Chrisean Rock, said Blueface called her to check her for being out with another man and said he was preparing to ask her to be his girlfriend before being locked up.

“What’s up with n**as? They get locked up, and they get to call you, acting like it was a different story before they went up in there. How the f**k do you even know what’s going on in the blogs to ‘oh you was getting to ask me to be your girlfriend. What are you talking about bro?” Chrisean asked.

Chrisean Rock, who was recently dating K Suave and was spotted with rising rapper Band Hunta Izzy on Monday night, said she wanted Blueface to make up his mind.

“I’m not finna be keeping, I popped the tooth back in. and y’all know I’ll drop everything [for Blueface]. We was getting cool but then this b***h a** got me feeling like I’m doing something wrong,” Rock added.