Caribbean Has First Case Of Swine Flu


CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. May 12, 2009: The Caribbean has its first confirmed case of swine flu.

Cuba on Monday became the first country in the region to confirm one case of the virus. Cuba’s Health Ministry said in statement read Monday on state television that one Mexican student out of a group that arrived on the island from several Mexican states on April 25, tested positive for the H1N1 infection.

The ministry statement said that in all of Cuba, authorities have tested 84 possible cases in people of eight nationalities for the virus. But only one case was positive

According to the latest World Health Organization data, Mexico has reported 1,626 laboratory confirmed human cases of infection, including 48 deaths while the United States has reported 2,532 laboratory confirmed cases, including three deaths.

Canada has reported 284 confirmed cases including one death while Costa Rica has reported eight confirmed human cases,  and like Canada, one death.

The following countries have reported laboratory confirmed cases with no deaths – Argentina (1), Australia (1), Austria (1), Brazil (8), China (2, comprising 1 in China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and 1 in mainland China), Colombia (3), Denmark (1), El Salvador (4), France (13), Germany (11), Guatemala (1), Ireland (1), Israel (7), Italy (9), Japan (4), Netherlands (3), New Zealand (7), Norway (2), Panama (15), Poland (1), Portugal (1), Republic of Korea (3), Spain (95), Sweden (2), Switzerland (1) and the United Kingdom (47).

The WHO also says the H1N1 virus strain causing the current outbreaks is a new virus that has not been seen previously in either humans or animals. Although firm conclusions cannot be reached at present, scientists anticipate that pre-existing immunity to the virus will be low or non-existent, or largely confined to older population groups.


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