Byron Messia Says Teejay Capping About Their Altercation In New Interview

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Byron Messia says he doesn’t want things to get messy between him and Teejay as he responds to the latter’s comments about him in his latest interview on the Let’s Be Honest podcast.

In the interview, Teejay calls Byron Messia a “big short frog-faced” person he accused of being confrontational abroad last year.

“Fam, mi set so yuh zimmi, cause me ago gi him one inna him jaw enuh but how mi gi him a Yellow Man mi a turn him inna…mi ignorant cause this ya man ya a style thing this, a feds ya call down pan mi G,” Teejay said at the 28 minutes mark.

Teejay says one of the men in his camp grabbed Byron by the face and pushed him away while his manager came to him and told him that he was a “kid” and they should squash the beef.

“Lowe that alone, the man a kid,” Byron’s manager reportedly said.

Teejay said Byron lied about the backstage confrontation, making it seem like he disrespected him. The Kittitian deejay also responded to Teejay, decrying the “Drift” artiste’s efforts to antagonize him.

“I don’t know why them interfering with me when I seek vengeance and death for my self daily Father God I rebuke them Father God please help me to control this last strain of nerve that I have cause it could be real messy for both parties,” the “Talibans” artiste wrote on an Instagram Story.

In another, he wrote, “Keep me away from all form of evil that is being dispensed in front of me every second of the clock. Please Amen.”

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Byron Messia also hinted that he wanted to speak with Jaiifrais to tell his side of the story and tagged the podcaster.

Teejay and Byron’s conflict began with each claiming to have the biggest dancehall song for the summer last year. Both songs have been successful, with both artists getting insane career exposure.

Teejay’s song landed him a Warner Music record deal, and Billboard recently named him the Face of Dancehall.

Byron Messia has also earned several Billboard achievements after the song charted in the United States and the United Kingdom.