Blueface Message To Chrisean Rock’s Father Punching Him: ‘I’m Her Daddy Now’

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Chrisean Rock’s father was allegedly knocked out by Blueface in a fight on Friday afternoon.

On Friday, a video surfaced of two persons fighting. An observer who took the video showed someone being laid out flat on the ground as he narrated that Blueface knocked the person out. In the video, there are cameramen with professional cameras running toward the men. In an Instagram story, Chrisean Rock explained that her father and the West Coast rapper got into an altercation.

“So my boyfriend knocked my dad out. Da family stuff didn’t go well. Ion even know what’s going on [red heart emoji],” she said as he hinted that they were in her home state to meet her family.

Chrisean Rock is a cast member on the show Baddies South produced by Natalie Nunn, but there are reports that the incident on Friday was being filmed for a new show.

The incident with Chrisean’s father took place at the Four Seasons hotel in Baltimore, where the couple was filming a meet and greet with her family for their own spin-off show on Zeus.

Blueface has been in physical altercations with his girlfriend Chrisean Rock several times over the past couple of months, and it seems her family is not a fan.

Meanwhile, a member of Chrisean’s family named Destiny was not pleased with how things went down. She fired off a message telling the reality star to come and fight her. “Y’all really played with my muscle. It’s forever f*** y’all [middle finger emoji],” Destiny said in another Instagram Story.

Destiny proceeded to add another Story post of her with a middle finger up. Meanwhile, Chrisean Rock responded on Twitter to the melee noting, “What hurts da most [is I don’t] have nothing to do [with] this sh*t forreal]. I was doing it for my family.”

Blueface also added a comment reacting to the video on his IG, “I’m her daddy now [laughing crying face emoji].”

Blueface IG

Despite Chrisean being upset about Blueface knocking her father out in earlier posts, she seemed to have changed her mind later on Friday night.

“That same Dad tht got knocked out was the same guy that tied my mom up in da woods just to beat her cuz she screem so loud in the house wen he beated her in front of us so he went out his way to Damage my whole family that same dad I met wen I was 7,” she said. “Somebody was been supposed to knock that n***ga out a long time ago.”

Sources say the matter was not reported to the police.