Benzino Calls Eminem The ‘Rap Elvis’ In New Diss Song, Gives Em 48 Hours To Respond

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Benzino is hitting back at Eminem with a second diss track after the Marshall Mathers LP rapper mentioned him in his song earlier this week.

Benzino and Eminem have been beefing for over two decades, and it seems neither plans to bury the hatchet and move on. Earlier this week, Eminem took shots at Benzino and his daughter on his “Doomsday Pt. 2” track, which appears on Lyrical Lemonade’s new album ‘All Is Yellow’.

“What is the opposite of Benzino? A giraffe / ‘Go at his neck,’ How the f**k is that? / How can I go at somethin’ he doesn’t have / Arm so short he can’t even touch his hands / When they’re above his head doin’ jumpin’ jacks,” Eminem said on the track.

He also mentioned the rumors that Benzino was in a relationship with a man, bringing up his and Coi Leray’s arguments that he was struggling financially and had to ask her for money.

On Wednesday, Benzino replied with a diss track, “Rap Elvis,” which comes for Eminem as a Detroit rapper who is barely around.


“You can’t self-sustain you too selfish, wait and listen/ You keep saying my name, you put yourself in this position, this what happens when the selfish play the pistol switch… you still in your annoying phase/ Aye what do you call it when a stand that’s a stan stan is a stan, help me coin the phrase/” Benzino said.

He continued, “You don’t even be around, you don’t even come outside, you don’t even see the town… could it be possibly that you ain’t really from the streets, I was born and raised in my city, you should have come for me, I don’t know where you from but they said Missouri loves company. I’m probably more Detroit…”

Eminem has not responded to Benzino’s diss track. Benzino, on the other hand, seemingly called an end to the rap battle if Eminem didn’t reply. “New @eminem diss!! ‘RAP ELVIS’ if he don’t respond in 48 hours he’s cancelled,” he wrote on Instagram.

In the meantime, hip-hop fans chimed in on Benzino’s diss track. “Who wrote this? Who approved this that flow?” one person wrote. “You can’t cancel Eminem,” another person said.

“Eminem ran from Snoop, The Game, Gucci and he’s running from you too that wyt boy don’t want no smoke,” another added.