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Belize Introduces Immigration Amnesty

By Oscar Ramjeet
Special To CWNN

CaribWorldNews, BELMOPAN, Belize, Sat. Sept. 19, 2009:  The government of Belize has introduced a long term immigration policy which includes an amnesty program.

Minister of National Security, Carlos Perdomo, made the disclosure yesterday at a swearing in ceremony at the George Price Centre for 35 news citizens.

Perdomo said the move is to ensure that the country legalizes and properly integrates all those who called Belize home for many years.

During the past five years, more than 6,300 persons were sworn in as Belizian citizens. Last year, there were 1,549 new citizens while in 2007 there were 1,614.

 Most of the new citizens are from neighboring Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador but many Americans, British Canadian and Chinese were also given citizenship.

`We are truly a melting pot of incredible peoples, languages, and cultures,` said the minister. `These blessings are the foundation on which we build with good governance, transparency and accountability.`

Friday’s ceremony was conducted in the height of the September celebrations in Belize, which is celebrating its 28th anniversary of independence from Britain.