Bahamas Murder Victim`s Daughter Linked To Homicide?


CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. July 13, 2009: The 16-year-old daughter of a West Palm Beach woman killed in the Bahamas could be linked to the murder.

Bahamas Press is reporting that 33-year-old Anna Garrison`s daughter, Madison Pugh, may be involved in the homicide. Garrison`s body was found last Saturday wrapped in a plastic bag and bedsheet and dumped by the side of a road in Nassau. She had been missing for months.

Garrison`s daughter was living with Mckinney and her mother when the Florida woman disappeared the third week of December of 2008, The Bahamas Press says. Her father, Pugh, reportedly said Madison told relatives her mother had to leave for an emergency outside the country in late December, as they began asking about her whereabouts.

`When Anna went missing in December, her daughter said to us her mother had an emergency, and had to leave Nassau, and said when she got back she would call us.  We never heard from Anna,` the family friend told Bahamas Press.

But Raymond Gibson, of the Bahamian police, would only say, `We are seeking the assistance of the local FBI and the U.S. embassy in locating an American relative of the deceased whom we believe may have took part in the death.`

Police on the island on Thursday charged 22-year-old Zyndall McKinney in connection with Garrison`s slaying. They said he and Pugh had been dating.

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