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This Is The Latest Caribbean Ruling Party To Suffer A Major Defeat


Dr Ellis Lorenzo Webster of the AUM failed to lead his party to a win.

News Americas, THE VALLEY, Anguilla, Thurs. April 23, 2015: Another incumbent party in the Caribbean has been handed defeat following elections held there Wednesday.

Anguilla’s incumbent Anguilla United Movement suffered a resounding loss in elections held on the British-Caribbean territory on April 22nd. The AUM, which was contesting all seven seats, did not secure one seat in the general elections.

Medical practitioner Dr Ellis Lorenzo Webster who took over the leadership of the AUM after Hubert Hughes, 82, stepped down after 40 years in active politics, suffered the massive loss.

He also failed to win his own seat, losing to independent Pamovan Webster, a lawyer and businessman, who polled 460 votes compared to his 412.

The main opposition Anguilla United Front (AUF) won six of the seven seats with 85.7 percent of the votes cast. The Independent Party took the one other seat with 14.3 percent of the votes.

The Dove Party also failed to secure a seat.

AUF leader Victor Banks, comfortably won District Four, gaining 1,057 votes compared to 655 for the AUM’s Evans Gumbs.

The closest results were in District Five where the AUF’s Evalie Bradley edged out Patrick Hanley of the AUM by one vote. Bradley secured 394 votes.

The economy, job creation, infrastructural development and good governance were among the main issues of the campaign.