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St. Maarten Parliament meets on IPKO

St. Maarten Parliament meets on IPKO

PHILIPSBURG, St. MaartenSt. Maarten will be playing host to the next IPKO slated to be held from January 5th through 8 of next year.

It is for this reason; the Permanent Committee of Kingdom Affairs and Inter-parliamentary Relations have already begun preparation for the meeting.

Whilst speaking on the floor of Parliament on Tuesday morning, chair persons of the committee, Member of Parliament of the Democratic Party, the Honorable Sarah Wescot Williams told MPs that a meeting will be coordinated with the committee of education to discuss matters pertaining to studying financing in the region.

It is also expected that the Minister of Education will be on hand to provide information regarding that subject, as it also pertains to the statements made by the Dutch Minister of Education Jet Bussemaker on study financing for study in the region.

Members of Parliament are also to receive the draft integrity regulations that exist for Parliament and its members. According to MP Wescot-Williams, the draft has been completed and should be provided to MPS shortly.

The Member of Parliament was at the time addressing matters pertaining to the up-coming IPKO meeting in January of next year.