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Tunisian citizens’ backlash against the Saudi crown prince show it’s possible to choose morality over economic benefits

Against rumours of billions of dollars in Saudi aid, they mobilised. Heading to the city centres of Tunis and the southern city of Sfax, the disparate strands of Tunisia’s civil society came together, collectively rejecting both the presence and benevolence of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. For the prince, a near-pariah in the western states he spent millions ...

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Mysterious ‘alien artefacts’ could be lurking in our solar system, Harvard astronomers claim

Evidence which proves the existence of extraterrestrial civilisations could be hidden near Earth waiting to be discovered. Top astronomers have called for an urgent study of ‘interstellar objects’ which arrive here from deep space, suggesting some of them could be mysterious alien ‘artefacts’. Last year, the world was stunned when a bizarre cigar-shaped space rock called ‘Oumuamua sped through our ...

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By only debating Corbyn, Theresa May is saving her own skin

‘A cowardly dereliction of duty for someone hoping to keep her job as prime minister.’ (Picture: REX/ PA) At the last election, Theresa May was steadfast in her refusal to take part in a TV debate. When every other party leader agreed to face the public, she sent Amber Rudd in her place. It was a cowardly dereliction of duty ...

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Report faults Indonesian airline’s safety measures in crash

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — A report based on black box data from an Indonesian Lion Air jet that crashed last month cites equipment failures and the airline’s safety measures as factors in the disaster. The data reported Wednesday showed the pilots of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 struggled to maintain control as an automatic safety system repeatedly forced the plane’s ...

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Venezuela’s next generation of opposition plays a long game

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Roberto Patino, a rising star in Venezuela’s unravelling opposition movement, pushes through a crowd of children clutching spoons and waiting to eat. The 30-year-old organizes a crew that hands out hundreds of meals each day in slums throughout the capital. It’s the only solid nourishment of the day for many of the children in La Vega ...

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