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Dairy Continues To Hold Up U.S, Canada Agreement On NAFTA

The United States and Canada remain unable to reach agreement on opening up Canada’s dairy markets to American exports, which is delaying a potential NAFTA deal, White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Friday, Politico reports.“The United States would rather have a trade deal with Canada, but it has to be a good deal. And the word that continues ...

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Trump Blasts Kerry For ‘Illegal’ Talks With Iranian Regime

President Donald Trump blasted John Kerry for having “illegal meetings” with members of the Iranian Regime and questioned whether the former secretary of state was registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, Fox News reported.“John Kerry had illegal meetings with the very hostile Iranian Regime, which can only serve to undercut our great work to the detriment of the American ...

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New Study Says BPA-Free Plastics May Be Just As Harmful

A new study conducted on mice which was published this week warns plastic products that are labeled as “BPA-free” could still have chemicals which can leak out and affect male and female mice’s sperm and eggs, and could also pose a threat to humans, according to Gizmodo. Senior author of the report Patricia Hunt, a researcher at the Center for ...

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German Spy Scandal Exposes Deep Divisions Within Angela Merkel’s Government

A scandal over migrants being chased through the streets has exposed a rift between Angela Merkel and Germany’s security establishment that is dividing her coalition and hindering efforts to contain the fall-out from her “open door” refugee policy, Reuters reports. The crisis blew up when Hans-Georg Maassen, chief of the BfV intelligence agency, said he was not convinced far-right extremists ...

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Turkey Talking To All Sides In Syria Conflict In Hopes Of Winning Idlib Ceasefire

Turkey said on Friday it was talking to all parties in the Syrian conflict to prevent a government offensive on Idlib ahead of talks between Russian and Turkish leaders, who support rival sides in the looming battle for the rebel-held region, Reuters reports. Ankara failed last week to win agreement for a ceasefire from Russia and Iran, President Bashar al-Assad’s ...

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The ‘adults’ in the White House trying to save America from Trump are just as dangerous as he is

Before his election as president it was understandable that Donald Trump’s critics should have vastly underestimated his ability as a politician. It is much less excusable – and self-destructive to effective opposition to Trump – that they should go on underestimating him almost two years after his victory. Every week there are more revelations showing the Trump administration to be ...

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