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U.S. Seafood Lovers May Be Unwittingly Subsidizing North Korea’s Arms Program

Americans who buy seafood at Walmart or Aldi’s may be subsidizing the North Korean government as it builds its nuclear weapons program, an Associated Press investigation has found. The North Korean government is outsourcing workers to Chinese seafood plants where they live under conditions the United States calls “modern day slavery.” The workers live in dormitories where they have no ...

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Mexico Plans To Send Aid To Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria Devastated Island

After suffering two massive earthquakes last month, Mexico announced plans to send aid to Puerto Rico including water and electricity experts, after the U.S. territory was devastated by Hurricane Maria, according to Reuters. The Mexican government announced the plan on Wednesday after a series of exchanges between the country and the United States regarding emergency aid in recent weeks, the ...

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Asteroids Sharing Mars’ Orbit May Be Pieces Of Planet Itself

A family of asteroids that shares the orbit of Mars may be pieces of the planet itself thrown into space after an impact, a study has revealed, and they may represent an alluring target for unmanned or even manned missions, IFL Science reports. The trojan asteroids of Mars are those that either trail or sit in front of the planet ...

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