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[VIDEO] Party Leader Injured As Protesters Storm Macedonian Parliament

Witnesses say protesters stormed into Macedonia’s parliament and assaulted the leader of the Social Democrats on Thursday after his party and ethnic Albanian allies voted to elect an Albanian as parliament speaker, Reuters reports. Live television footage showed Social Democratic leader Zoran Zaev with blood trickling from one side of his forehead, not long after he announced that the majority ...

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MIT Builds A Robot That Can 3D Print A Building

A new system developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is able to print a basic structure in one shot, according to the team’s paper in the journal Science Robotics, CBS News reports. The system comprises a tracked vehicle mounted with a large robotic arm. At the end of this robotic arm is a smaller, precision-motion robotic arm, used to ...

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Russian Naval Ship Sinks After Collision In Black Sea

A reconnaissance ship from the Russian navy’s Black Sea Fleet has sunk after colliding with another vessel off the coast of Turkey, Russian state media said Thursday, CNN reports. All 78 crew members on board the 1,560-ton Liman were rescued alive and well, the state-run RT news outlet said, citing Turkish coast guard officials and Russian authorities. The Russian crew ...

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China Releases Images And Addresses Of Corruption Suspects Hiding Abroad

China’s main anti-graft group released information Thursday on 22 fugitives hiding abroad from their names to the streets they may live, Reuters reported. Chinese President Xi Jinping has increased pressure on suspects of corruption who have fled overseas, promising to eradicate corruption at all levels until officials do not even dare to be corrupt, said the report.The Central Commission for ...

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Dinosaur Skull Is Reunited With Its Body After 100 Years Of Separation

After nearly a century, this dinosaur finally has its head back. Paleontologists from the University of Alberta have managed to reunite a headless Corythosaurus skeleton with its skull after over 90 years of separation. Their research can be found in April’s edition of the journal Cretaceous Research. The skull was unearthed in 1920 by George Sternberg, the renowned paleontologist who ...

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Post-Brexit UK won’t have same rights as EU members – Merkel

BERLIN: German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Britain on Thursday not to have any “illusions” that it would have the same rights as an EU member after it leaves the bloc. “A third-party state will not have the same rights or even superior rights to a member state,” Merkel said ahead of a Brussels summit on Brexit on Saturday. “This may ...

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