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Temperatures Close To Record Highs During Heat Wave Across Southwest US

Airlines were already canceling flights in Arizona and officials were urging people to be careful around concrete, playground equipment, and vehicle interiors on Monday as a heat wave was threatening to reach temperatures close to 120 degrees to the Southwest United States, according to ABC News. While it’s focused on Arizona, Nevada and California were also dealing with scorching heat ...

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Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Is Reviewing 27 Monuments In Order To Create Jobs

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said increasing drilling and mining on America’s shielded federal lands can help the United States become the leading global energy force, Reuters reported. During an interview with Reuters, Zinke described his philosophy on development and conservation in America’s wildest areas and how that has influenced his analysis of which national monuments created by former presidents should ...

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North Korean Delegates Say They Were ‘Literally Mugged’ When Their Package Was Seized at JFK

North Korea accused U.S. officials of confiscating a diplomatic package from a delegation at John F. Kennedy Airport Sunday — describing it as an “illegal and heinous act of provocation,” The Associated Press reported. North Korean officials were returning from a U.N. conference on disability rights Friday when they were “literally mugged,” according to the Korean Central News Agency. “At ...

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New Study Shows New Orleans Sinking Faster Than Was Previously Thought

Researchers from Tulane University in New Orleans have released a new study on the sinking of the Louisiana coast and things are not looking good for the Child of the Mississippi. Its sinking rate is greater than previous estimates for the state, IFL Science reports. The research, published in the Geological Society of America, suggests that 274 locations across the ...

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